Top-Up Finance

Since 1994, we’ve helped countless experienced developers obtain maximum return with minimum cash contribution. Our top-up/mezzanine finance packages and Stretched Equity products can help ensure you retain capital to invest in new opportunities. If you want your available cash to go further and achieve higher profits, our top-up and high loan to cost products can fill the funding gap between your own cash contribution and the overall amount needed to fund the project.


Our mezzanine finance providers can therefore secure a loan by way of a ‘second charge’ behind the primary bank finance whereas our Stretched Equity lenders require just a first charge. These products allow you to leverage future profits for the maximum return with the cash contribution you have available.


Key Benefits at a glance:

  • Up to 90% of all costs available
  • Tops up your cash to fill a funding gap
  • Ability to take on new projects by spreading your available cash (see table below)
  • Available to the whole of the UK, as long as demand is proven
  • Available as a second charge
  • Improve return on capital (see table below)
Details WITH Top-Up Finance WITHOUT Top-Up Finance
GDV (A) £10m £10m
Site Costs £3m £3m
Construction Budget £4.4m £4.4m
TOTAL COSTS £7.4m £7.4m
Funded by
Developers Cash £0.7m £2.9m
Top Up Finance Capital £2.2m £0m
Bank Loan £4.5m £4.5m
SUB-TOTAL (B) £7.4m £7.4m
Cost of Finance
Top Up Finance £530k £0m
Bank Interest £300k £300k
Finance Costs (C) £830k £300k
Net Developers Profit (A less B + C) £1.77m £2.30m


Without using Mezz Finance – Profit of £2.30m based on a cash input of £2.9m = £0.79p profit for every £1.00 invested.

Utilising Mezzanine Finance – Profit of £1.77m based on a cash input of £0.7m = £2.52p profit for every £1.00 invested.

The above shows that by saving £2.2m of his own cash the developer is not only able to use this for other projects but it enables him to get a higher return on his capital.

Secured over £120 million in finance

Access to 100+ active lenders

Can typically put an offer on the table within 24-48 hours

Independent and UK based

Equipped to source funding up to 100% of the land and build

Wealth of experience and have been sourcing finance since 1994

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