Finance products for the House builder / Property Developer

We’ve developed a huge range of lenders offering finance products specifically designed to meet the needs of property developers and housebuilders, so if you’re in need of residential or commercial property development funding or finance to repay your existing lender we’re confident we can deliver the best possible solution for your particular circumstances. Since our journey began in 1994, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals and developers of all sizes, and we now have access to 100+ high quality lenders.

Your one stop-shop for property finance

Property Finance and Development (PF&D) work tirelessly to deliver property finance packages quickly, and we take on a consultative approach, so you’re always guaranteed impeccable attention to detail and clear communication. Whether you require top up finance to complete your cluster of semi detached houses, or need finance for a contemporary flat development, we can help you throughout every stage of your project, seeing it through to completion.


Development Finance

We create and deliver development finance packages for a wide range of projects, from commercial property builds and residential builds. So, whether your goal is to construct a new build property development, convert and modernise an existing property or purchase land, we can provide a solution that’s just right for you.

Development Exit finance

Property Finance and Development also has a track record of securing development exit finance, helping small and large developers replace their original finance, relieving pressure to remain on high rates, whilst regaining control over their finances. Whether you’re looking to improve cash flow, take on new projects or increase flexibility to sell at the right time and price, we can meet your needs.

Bridging Finance

With decades of experience behind us, we’ve helped hundreds of property developers and housebuilders with our bridging finance packages. You’re guaranteed quick access to funds, whilst our dependable team is able to give you immediate decisions.

Up to 100% Land & Build

PF&D has an outstanding track record amongst housebuilders and property developers and we’re able to source 100% full funding on land and build, in the right circumstances, helping your plans and dreams become reality

Top Up Finance

Our mezzanine and top up finance plans are designed to help you maximise your available cash, so whether you’re looking to buy or develop 1 or 50 sites, we can deliver a solution that gives you maximum return, with minimum cash contribution.

Permitted Development Finance

We’ve helped many developers access permitted development finance, deleted wording here to transform rundown offices into luxury apartments, or convert old farm barns into modern rural homes, and we can usually put an indication of terms on the table within 24 or 48 hours.

If you’re interested financing the development of residential or commercial sites, please call us today on 0161 433 9981 or send us a message and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible.