Development Finance

Property development finance is a funding solution to help property developers finance the construction of New Build Property Developments and Conversions or the Refurbishment of Residential and Commercial land or property.

Our team here at PF&D Ltd are able to dovetail the borrowing requirements of your scheme with the specific criteria laid down by our panel of 110+ lenders, which enables us to deliver appropriate and competitive funding for your scheme quickly

Making your capital go further with Development Finance

Often, the challenge for property developers is to maximise the available cash for property developing in order to buy and develop one or more sites at the same time. Our expert knowledge of builder finance not only helps you in assessing the ‘bankability’ of your scheme but we can offer invaluable advice on how to maximise the use of your capital. Click here to see our Mezzanine section for more details

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Experienced developer?

As an experienced developer you will know what is important when it comes to securing finance for a new project. Key issues such as speed in obtaining a formal offer of finance, coupled to a pragmatic approach from a lender who understands your business, plus offers competitive terms with a flexible loan to cost policy are what we hear all the time from developers.

There are many lenders who have entered this sector of finance who do not even begin to understand it. They indicate competitive terms but this often comes with ‘handcuffs’ such as an inability to be flexible, to problems that often occur during construction, slow payment of stage payment drawdowns or they take weeks or even months to make a formal offer.

PF&D have several years of experience in dealing with the 90+ lenders who lend to this sector. As a result we know how these lenders operate and thus we are uniquely placed to be able to dovetail the needs for you and your development projects, with the most appropriate lenders for it. This is not a business where a ‘one size fits all’ policy works. Lenders have their own individual policies, lending criteria and expertise and we have successfully married those qualities to property developer’s projects for some two decades.

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Loans up to
Benefit from
of GDV
From As little as
Per Annum
  • Loans up to 65% of developed value (subject to 60% land & 100% build cost)
  • Additional Financing from 80% to 100% available via Mezzanine Finance
  • Loans from £100k to £50m
  • Interest rates from 4.38%
  • Available to the inexperienced and experienced property developers
  • Single plot developments to large housing & commercial schemes
  • Builder finance available of for New Property Developments & Conversions

Have a project?

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